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Create Long-Lasting Self-Care Rituals, Once and For All.

A 5-week online program guiding you in crafting your best-feeling life, step-by-step.

A 5-Week Course That's all About Feelin' Good (Really Good), for Good.

You'll develop a personalized self-care toolkit and rituals through topic-focused:

  • Guided meditations for centering and grounding
  • Journal prompts to support you in connecting with your inner self
  • Intention setting for a purposeful, meaningful life
  • Daily actions and mindfulness techniques for staying on track and in alignment
  • Education on leveraging essential oils for long-term success
  • Connection with a community of like-minded, gorgeous souls for support throughout your journey

Together, we'll explore how you want your life to feel and what makes you, individually, feel your best - which will inform the creation of personalized self-care rituals that'll contribute to your long-term health + happiness.  

Consistent, enjoyable self-care rituals are the key to showing up fully in your life. You can't pour from an empty cup, so you've gotta prioritize filling yours (even in just some small way) daily. 

You'll end this course with a deeper understanding of yourself, and an arsenal of simple, effective tools for living your best-feeling life. 


The Last New Year's Resolution You'll Ever Need.

Did you know that 80% of all New Year's resolutions will be abandoned by mid-February?

Sad, but true! Why? Because the vast majority of resolutions are made from a place of fear and scarcity. They're born when we believe that there's something wrong with us that needs to be fixed (and fast). 

I say, forget about the one-size-fits-all, impersonal, painful, unsustainable quick "fixes" that subliminally reinforce the idea that you're unworthy of love and joy as you are right now.

The truth is, you were born worthy, and the only reason you're feeling otherwise is that you've disconnected from your internal GPS that's constantly guiding you in the direction of your best-feeling life.

Without realizing it, you've prioritized the fast-paced, scarcity-centric way of the world around you (life-draining), in favor of prioritizing true connection with your inner self (life-giving).

This course is different. It's all about taking a guided journey into YOU and creating your personal best-feeling life (instead of me telling you how to live your life). It's about uncovering what makes you feel most aligned, grounded, and joyful - and consciously designing your life to prioritize more of those things.  

This is about long-term, sustainable health and happiness, instead of short-term, unsustainable deprivation.  

This is tuning into your inner guidance and using simple, effective tools to feel your best every. single. day.

This isn't a quick fix to a perceived problem - this is laying a solid foundation for an ongoing journey of connection with your true self.  

This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Amplify Your Experience with Essential Oils

Why essential oils? 

Because they are quite literally the most effective, immediate way that I've found to shift my feeling state, and my clients agree. 

They also work synergistically with the body to support health and vitality at cellular level (there's an oil that will support you in addressing practically any health concern you can imagine). 

To say they're empowering would be the understatement of the century. 

I believe whole-heartedly that essential oils are a integral part of the future of healthcare, and they are one of the few tools that every single person should have in their home as a first line of defense. 

“Casey is the definition of a gem. She’s an essential oils guru (seriously, she knows the details of each oil and how to solve any health issue!) and truly has a deep passion for supporting individuals in reaching their health goals. She also constantly makes me laugh! I am so grateful to have connected with Casey— she has made a world of difference in my health journey and goals.”

Sara W.

“Casey is one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever met. She is brilliant, humble, hilarious, and has so much to offer through her simple and practical approach to wellness. Stripped of dogma and the often neurotic approach to wellness, you will leave feeling refreshed and connected to yourself. Your saying ‘yes’ to working with her will - no doubt - change your life.”

Heather W.

"The thing I love most about Casey (and there are many things) is that she is an expert in a topic that can be looked at as really woo-woo and fluffy -- and she makes it really practical and easy to implement. She is empathetic, understanding, considerate and genuinely wants to help the people she works with. She truly cares. She has helped me through many challenges with my health and life and I can't imagine doing it without her."

Harper S.

This Course is For You If You Want:

  • To finally feel empowered around your own health and happiness, once and for all
  • To feel grounded and balanced in your daily life by living intentionally instead of reactively
  • To create a personalized self-care toolkit that's specific to what makes you feel your best 
  • To establish daily rituals that you look forward to and absolutely savor
  • To create a deep sense of love and connection with yourself (which inevitably positively affects all of the other relationships in your life)
  • To live life with a strong sense of joy, lightness, and trust
  • To stop running around the yo-yo diet/detox/workout/self-care hamster wheel and create sustainable, long-term change in your life

Don’t wait, do your future self a favor today.

Common Questions + Limiting Beliefs That Stop People from Starting

I've never been able to stick to self-care rituals before, how will this course change that? Self-care rituals are almost impossible to stick to when they're not crafted properly. This course will guide you through the exact steps needed to mindfully and intentionally craft personalized, powerful, enjoyable self-care rituals that you'll legitimately look forward to because of how they make you feel on a daily basis. 

How do you know that your self-care rituals will work for me? Because these won't be my self-care rituals, they'll be yours. Sure, I'll be here to guide and support you through a specific process of testing and crafting them, but you're the only person who knows what makes you feel incredible, and you'll walk away from this course with a deep knowledge of yourself, a solid connection to your intuition, your own personal self-care toolkit, and a simple, sustainable action plan for staying on track and moving forward with purpose.  

It feels selfish to invest in myself. Not only does investing in yourself exponentially increase your odds of following through with new intentions and goals (skin in the game), but it sends a direct signal to your subconscious that you're worthy (in this case) of long-term health and happiness. You vote for the type of world that you want to live in with your wallet, so if you want to live in a world that prioritizes self-care, joy, and connection, then it's wise to spend accordingly.  

My plate is so full, I don't have any time for self-care. If your plate feels too full, you need this course. It's designed to guide you in examining your life, simplifying and getting back to the basics, removing the clutter that's weighing you down, and recognizing the importance of what you're saying "yes" and "no" to (both verbally and energetically). At the end of this course you'll feel empowered to only fill your plate with the things that enrich your life, instead of the things that everyone else wants you to fill it with.  

I'm strapped for cash and self-care seems so expensive, I don't know if I can afford to keep it up in the long-run. Many people are under the impression that self-care costs a lot of money, and that belief only indicates that luxury brand marketers are great at their job. We're inundated with messages telling us that we need this new superfood powder, or that new skin cream, or a bazillion dollar workout machine to live a healthy lifestyle. They want you to be reliant on them and their products forever. Those tactics are SO disempowering, and that's not what this course is about. This course will show you how to live your happiest, healthiest life with what you have, where you are, right now - sure, I'll suggest some simple, natural tools that you can add to your arsenal for ultra-high levels of self-empowerment, but they're not required. You already have everything you need to live your best-feeling life at your disposal, and this course will show you how to unlock it. It's the gift that keeps on giving.  

I'm choosing between this and other New Year's programs. Why should I choose this one? This course isn't a quick fix to a perceived problem. Sure, you'll feel immediate benefits of practicing what's offered throughout the course, but this is designed to foster a long-term, incredible-feeling lifestyle. Many New Year's programs are based in fear and lack - they target the underlying beliefs that you're not good enough, lovable, or worthy as you are right now, and they tell you that you need to follow specific (usually uncomfortable, unsustainable, and unpersonalized) steps to raise your worthiness. This course is the opposite - it's based on love and abundance, the fact that you were literally born worthy of anything you desire, and facilitating a deeply meaningly creative process in crafting your best-feeling life.  

These next few months are super full, what if I can't stick to the 5-week schedule? No worries, love! The course begins on January 14, 2018, and you'll have access until March 14, 2018 - so you'll have 3 full months to complete the program. I've instated the 3-month timeframe to give a little extra encouragement to complete the course in a timely manner and incorporate your new rituals into your daily life. Many people don't finish courses that offer lifetime access, and this one's topic is too important to let that happen! If you need a little extra flexibility with the timeframe, feel free to email me and we can chat.

Ready to Live Your Best-Feeling Life? Right this Way.

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About the Creator

Casey Von Iderstein is a holistic health coach, essential oils educator, and mindfulness teacher on a mission to help you simplify and detoxify your life so you have the space and energy to live your purpose.  

She’s passionate about helping people connect with intentions, align them with actions, and get rid of the things that weigh them down. It’s about stripping everything back to basics, and choosing to focus in on what really matters. 

Learn more about Casey over at her website, Karmic Wellness -